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Sweet Treats


Indulge in Colombian desserts and sweets. From unique traditions like Arequipe (Cajeta, or caramel spread) Brevas (Figs) Cocadas (Baked coconut confection), and bocadillo de guayaba. You will find anything from traditional sweets to current new snacking treats and candies.

Food Service Products


Offering Colombian ingredients in bulk qualities like precooked 

flour and broken corn

Wafers, Cakes and Cookies


Here you will find our famous "Obleas" (Thin wafer confections), along with our fig cakes and most delicious cookies such as our cocadas.



Enjoy the variety of delicious snacks that you and your family will crave for all day! Here you may find our "Achiras" and our delicious plantain chips straight from Colombia. 

Colombian Coffee and other Beverages


Enjoy the variety of our well acclaimed Colombian Coffee from different brands, presentations,and regions from coffee growers available to you in different shapes and sizes. Along with refreshing beverages that will make you truly taste the flavors of Colombia such as smoothies and hot cocoa.

Frozen deligths

Indulge yourself with a wide selection of Colombian fruit pulps, our popular verity of corn cakes or "Arepas" and traditional ingredients like chorizo, morcilla and criolla potatoes to prepare delicious Colombian dishes.



You will find anything from traditional sodas loved by the Colombian Community, and drinks you will crave for once you try them.